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The Smile Box


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Surprises are my absolute best. I also love things that make me smile (who doesn’t?).  What do surprises and smiles have in common? THE SMILE BOX of course!

The Smile Box is a monthly subscription box, filled with full sized treats, handpicked to make you happy and smile. For only R645 once off, or R599 monthly (minimum of three months), you get surprise products to the value of R800-R1000. Great deal if I do say so myself.

You’ll get a monthly box of surprises, containing something alcoholic (usually wines or bubbly), a treat, a sweet and something ‘neat’.

My box

My box arrived a lot sooner than I expected one gloomy Monday morning. I was instantly grinning when I saw “The Smile Box” branding all over the package. I was a like a little kid, opening the box as fast as I could. Impressed by every item, this is what I received:

  • Oil & Vinegar – Balsamic Vinegar Special
  • Oil & Vinegar – Extra Virgin Olive Oil Frantoia
  • Oil & Vinegar - Strawberry Nougat
  • La Vierge Nymphomane 2013 
  • Naughty Girl Sparkling Rosé
  • Glühwein flavoured grape liquor by Original Cocktails
  • Eat.Art Brazilian El Gaucho exotic spice
  • Eat.Art Caribbean Jerk exotic spice
There was also an adorable pink squishy stress ball, which now has a permanent spot next to my tv :) I've already used the Extra Virgin Olive Oil a few times and the delicious nougat was devoured in seconds (I shared it). The spices both smell amazing and very unique and I am sure they'll compliment many future dishes :)
La Vierge Nymphomane 2013 - This blend is meant to be enjoyed with red meat, venison and cheese platters, it's 35.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 22.5% Cabernet Franc, 22.5% Malbec and 22.5% Merlot. This is a great addition to my wine collection and probably my favourite item in the box.
Naughty Girl Sparkling Rosé is a sweet and complex blend of muscat and other grape varieties. I will be saving this for a special occasion or a wild night out ;)

Glühwein is something I've only tasted once in my life, homemade at a friend's house by his very creative Mom :) It's something different and you may love it or hate it. In this case, it's a Glühwein flavoured grape liquor consisting of red wine and spices (Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves). It is a winter wine and meant to be served hot. 

The Verdict
I will be happy to order The Smile Box again in the future. It delivers on the smiles and I love the fact that there's something new and exciting each month. I looked back on previous boxes and the contents look absolutely marvellous. I REALLY want one of the frog tea strainers! Adorable :) Here are some of the previous boxes:
and how great is this cute little Yolk Pig in this box:
You can visit their website to sign up and to find out more. 
Have you tried it? I would love to know your thoughts :) 
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