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Taxify or Uber?


I've always been a huge fan of Uber, ever since they launched here in South Africa in 2003. Last week, within 24 hours, I used them 7 times. I had never even considered trying the competitor's apps, until recently, when I was sick to death of having issues with Uber and unsatisfactory outcomes with their very rude (and lacking) "customer services department". I decided to explore other options, which lead me to to do a comparison of Uber and Taxify.

I’ll keep this short and to the point.

Recently I had two bad experiences in the same day with Uber. After tweeting and trying to get hold of a real person to discuss my complaints with, and getting a generic response, I decided enough was enough. It wasn't the first time I'd been let down by them.

Enter Taxify into my life!

I’ll tell you straight up why I prefer Taxify:

  1. They have an actual call centre for queries where you can talk to a real person, who whether or not they care, at least pretend to! 
  2. They have an email address contact and this was always a frustration for me with Uber
  3. Their drivers get a MUCH higher cut on commission (Uber takes 25%, while Taxify only take about 8%, this leaves the driver feeling happier and more appreciated)
  4. R7.00 per kilometer - as opposed to UberX’s R7.50 per kilometer, so Taxify works out cheaper
  5. All vehicle types on the Taxify platform use the same pricing, which means you may land up in an “Uber Black” class vehicle at no extra charge

I’m honestly so happy that things worked out this way, I’m saving money, I’m less stressed out and I’m supporting the small business over the careless, faceless corporation.

Go Taxify!

Have you tried them? Let me know what you thought?

If you haven’t used Taxify yet, you can use the promo code "WHDZC" to get R100 off your first ride.


(Oh and if you haven't tried Uber and want to do a comparison for yourself, use promo code "UBERCEL" for R80 off your first Uber ride).

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