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South Africa's First "Drip" Spa


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RevivMe Wellness Spa

I was very excited to see that a RevivMe Wellness Spa was opening in South Africa. They have flagship locations around the world including London, New York, Miami, Las Vegas... and now Johannesburg!

Reviv Wellness specialise in IV Infusion Treatments (drips) and Energy & Wellness Booster Shots (these are injections) designed to rehydrate and replenish you in the quickest and most effective way possible. The company was founded by a group of specialised Physicians and their treatments are meant to aid with recovery from hangovers, illness, jet lag and general exhaustion. 

Benefits of their IV treatments

Taken directly from their website, the benefits of IV treatments seem a lot more effective than other intake methods, such as vitamin tablets etc.:

Fast delivery: the IVs typically take from 29 - 45 minutes to administer and the energy booster shots, only 10 seconds.

Fast results: the effects are felt quickly and fully develop over the next few hours 

100% benefits: direct delivery of hydration, vitamins and energy agents means your body absorbs 100% of their benefits where as drinking fluids or energy drinks your body only absorbs about 55%

Energy for days: the beneficial effects of IV Treatments and Energy Booster Shots generally last for days as opposed to over the counter remedies that only last a few hours

The treatments are designed to stay in your system for a prolonged period making you feel better, more energised, refreshed and with a bounce in your step for days rather than an instant rush of energy that leads to a burn out or a system crash. - Sayed Mia, the CEO of RevivMe South Africa

There are 5 different IV hydration options:

  • Hydromax: pure hydration infusion
  • Ultraviv: recovery infusion
  • Megaboost: vitamin infusion
  • Vitaglow: anti ageing infusion
  • Royal Flush: deluxe infusion

and 3 different booster injection options:

  • B-12 pure energy booster
  • Slimboost fit energy booster 
  • Glutathione body booster 

My experience

I was very excited when i heard about this spa and I was so excited to give it a go! I've never been very good at remembering to take tablets or multivitamins; I always ended up taking them for a few days then stopping for a while. I also don't eat a lot of fruit or vegetables, so I am sure I am low on some essential vitamins. 

After arriving at RevivMe (located at the Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton) and having a nice and very informative chat with Sayed Mia, the CEO of RevivMe South Africa, he recommended their signature treatment for me, the Megaboost. The Megaboost is a vitamin infusion. It loads your body full of minerals, anti-oxidants and electrolytes. After having this treatment, you should feel healthy and refreshed.


More benefits of the Megaboost treatment:

• Restores Hydration
• Replenishes Essential Minerals & Vitamins
• Boosts Immune System
• Delivers An Energy Boost
• Detoxifies The Body
• Cleanses Vitals Organs"


I was very warmly welcomed to RevivMe when I arrived, and Sayed showed me around the very well-designed offices. Everything is very modern and contemporary looking. They have a reception area with descriptions of all the options on the wall showing you what is on offer. They have a room with couches and a tv where you can have group infusions with your friends or colleagues. Then there are two additional private rooms, here you can lie on a day-bed and have your infusion in peace. 

Before I was given the infusion, I had to fill in a couple pages of medical info. This consisted of general questions about allergies and queried whether there is any important medical details that they should know about before proceeding. After filling this out, I was taken into the nurse's room. She then took my blood pressure, my heart rate and temperature. Then she found a vein in the middle of my arm and inserted the drip needle (I watched!). You cannot be afraid of needles if you want to have this treatment ;) 

I was then lead into the more private room and offered a drink. During the infusion I read one of their magazines. I noticed on their website that some of their amneties include massage chairs, ipads, headphones and free wifi, but I guess that is only at selected spas in other countries. So you need to bring your own headphones if you want to listen to music during your treatment. I was happy with just my magazine and water, it goes pretty quickly.

While having the infusion, the nurse came to check on me about 4 or 5 times during the 30 minutes. I did experience some physical symptoms. After about 10 minutes into it, I started getting a large amount of eye floaters (small white things that appear to float around in front of your eyes). I told the nurse but she hadn't heard of it happening before. When I Googled it, it seems it could have something to do with too many vitamins for your liver to process. I haven't been able to get more info on this since. Another physical symptom while I was there, was the feeling of pressure on my upper arm, as well as the coldness in my arm that the nurse told me to expect. I also felt a general sense of haziness.

After the 30 minutes and when the bag was empty, she removed the needle and I was free to go. I was told that I would probably feel hazy and lethargic for about an hour afterwards. I was happy to hear that the feeling was normal. I walked around Sandton City after that feeling like I was walking in a dream. It was a very weird feeling and hard to describe, but I think dreamlike is the closest adjective to explain it.

That night I had a really bad headache that finally went away after taking two Myprodols and a Sinutab. The next morning, expecting to wake up feeling amazing, but I was tired and exhausted. This continued for the next couple of days and I eventually went back to them for the doctor (Dr. Mohammed Moosajee - who is the National Team Manager for the SA cricket team and a Family/Sports Medical Practitioner) to have a look at my vitals and give me a booster shot for some energy (the Slimboost injection).

It was suggested that I could have had an allergic reaction to one of the vitamins or minerals that's in the IV. They use trace minerals from the Himalayas, so there could have easily been something in there that didn't agree with me.

It's been just over a week since my treatment and I am only now starting to get my energy back, very slowly. I never ended up feeling refreshed or revitalized, but I really believe that I am more the exception than the rule. I've seen some fantastic reviews and I definitely think it can be very effective for a lot of people, and that being said, everyone is different and everyone's body reacts differently to things. Even though RevivMe is run by trained medical professionals, I do recommend doing your own research and getting your doctor's advice first on any treatment involving needles ;)

You can read more about this IV Wellness Spa on their website or check out their Facebook page. If you've had a vitamin infusion, let me know what experience you had in the comments below, or email, I would love to hear from you! 

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